Man Mane Myths Debunked

beard myths debunkedThere are many different misconceptions about beards, and even beardos are guilty of buying into the myths sometimes. Here are a few major mane myths, busted!

Myth #1

Beards are bad in the summer.

FALSE! While it might seem like this one makes sense on the surface, having a beard actually helps to protect your face from the sun. You can also spray your beard with a bit of cool water to take the heat off.  Our beard tonifying gel is also refreshing and invigorating, with the added bonus of helping your beard grow in thicker and stronger.

Myth #2

Shaving makes you grow thicker facial hair.

FALSE! This has been studied many times, and it’s always proven wrong.  Shaving your beard off is not going to boost your bearding abilities one bit—it’s just going to set you back.  Instead, try out our beard growth supplement!

Myth #3

Your face is “patchy.”

Okay, this one isn’t exactly a “myth,” but it’s still a misconception. Guys that have glorious full beards typically have faces that are just as “patchy” as any beardo in training. It’s just that your facial hair grows at different rates on different parts of your face. Everyone’s beard takes time to fill in. You’re not “patchy,” you’re normal! Help the process along with our beard growth spray.

Myth #4

Beards are dirty.

There have been some scare articles that point out the different types of bacteria found in beards. Newsflash: If you didn’t have a beard, you’d still have bacteria on your face. And believe it or not, those bacteria are apparently worse: a recent study showed that men who shaved their faces completely were more likely to have bacteria that cause infections on their faces. Why this is the case is still being investigated, but we’re going to venture to guess that scraping a blade against you facial skin every day has something to do with it. On the other hand, the “friendly” bacteria in beards actually seem to kill off infection-causing varieties.

Of course, you want to keep your beard clean, but that’s easy enough to do with our beard wash or wipes. Your beard isn’t inherently any more “dirty” than any other part of you.

Myth #5

Beards are unprofessional.

This is an extremely outdated concept that unfortunately a few people still buy into . But most companies and organizations are now on Team Beard—even the NYPD recently gave beardos the go ahead! Of course, your beard should be professionally groomed, but that’s another topic altogether.