Why You Should be Using Beard Oil (And When, and How)

beard oilsWhether you’re new to the beard oil scene, or you’ve been bearding for a while sans oil, you’ve probably had beard oils recommended to you numerous times. Do you need it? How much? How often? Here’s the beard oil FAQ you’ve been waiting for.


There are literally almost too many reasons to list (or at least more than you feel like reading!)—but there are plenty that are worth a look. Here are the big ones:

  • Soothe the scratching

This is the big one, especially for guys who are rocking shorter beards or just starting to grow them out. Itchiness is the bane of the beardo beginner, and the beginner is the least likely to think he needs beard oil. Au contraire, new beard bros. That itchiness that has you eyeing the razor can be a thing of the past with beard oil.

  • Do away with dandruff

If you’re moving ahead in your moustache and beard building, you probably don’t have much itching. What you might have, however, is dandruff. Ew. It’s not hot on your head and if anything, it’s even less appealing on your face.  Beard oil can moisturize these insidious skin snowflakes away.

  • Make it manageable

“But I don’t itch, and I’m not flakey. So I don’t need it, right?” Sure, as long as you don’t mind your lady having to bushwhack through a tangled briar of beard just for a smooch. Okay, maybe YOU don’t mind, but we bet she does. Keep your beard manageable and looking good with—yep, you guessed it—beard oil.

  • Smell suave

You really can’t possibly have an argument against smelling good, and if you do, well, we have scentless beard oil too. But if you’re like the vast majority of people and think “Hey, smelling good is good for me and more importantly, the people around me,” beard oil’s great for that too. Check out the huge number of beard oil scents we have available!

When & How?

How is easy: Couple drops, and comb it through with your fingers and/or one of our awesome beard combs or brushes.

When depends on a lot of things, and we’ll be honest: mostly trial and error.  We suggest starting at once a day and adjusting from there. Cold, dry climates might mean a little extra oiling, and of course, everyone’s skin is different. Don’t worry; it won’t take long to get in your beard oiling groove.