Beard Softening and Conditioning

Beardilizer now offers two options for softening and conditioning your beard. Our high quality beard cream is now joined by the all-new Beardilizer beard balm for those looking for a product that styles and softens all-in-one with an irresistible musk scent.

Beard Cream

Our beard cream moisturizes and conditions your mane for the best in beard maintenance. It’s made with a natural hypo-allergenic formula that not only works as a conditioner for your facial hair, it also treats the skin underneath your beard as well.

The Beardilizer cream comes in a conveniently-sized 4-ounce tin and is available in two varieties: Unscented or Sandalwood. Either way, we’re confident you’re going to love the effect our product has on your face (and maybe even your love life).

Beard Balm

Our newest option for softening and conditioning, Beardilizer beard balm, with its elegant musk scent, changes the game and is sure to become an essential tool in your daily beard care routine.

Beardilizer beard balm not only conditions and softens, it also helps style your beard, making for the perfect 2-in-1 beard product. As always with Beardilizer products, our beard balm contains the highest quality all-natural ingredients.

We care about your beard as much as you do—and we’re here to help you translate that care into luxurious, envy-inducing beard growth, whether you’re new to the joys of bearding or continuing your lifelong quest for the best beard possible.

Beardilizer Cream Products