The Epic Bearded Odyssey

Beardilizer is so stoked to announce our most recent collaboration. Over the past few weeks we have been working with a bearded young collective of artists to put together an amazing web series that focuses on something that is Beardilizer specific. What is more rugged and masculine that a beardo spending time in the woods, returning to his roots and discovering what it is like to be a beardo in the wild. What is out in those woods? What is in the mist? What goes into a raw, organic beard?

Above we see a wild beardo in the woods. He’s walking around all handsome and adventure like discovering nature. There is so much more in the woods than meets the eye. Our beardo is out there, adventuring and looking at nature, celebrating his bearded masculinity. All Beardilizer products contain natural, organic ingredients that help you stay closer to nature than before. When you use Beardilizer’s waxes, oils, and cleaners you’re staying true to your roots. There isn’t any wussy crap in your products – a good beard starts from within. There is always the root of the beard, starting with a small seed that grows into a giant, timeless Sequioa tree.

What is like to be a beardo, a lone man adventuring in the woods, exploring what is it like to be free. He bathes in the river and takes in all of the energy that Beardilizer and the forest give to him. He wants nothing more than to explore and to see the great world around him. He has a community of fellow feral beardos who are there with him for journey, unified under a glorious beard and Beardilizer products. Beardilizer keeps your beard hydrated so when you and your homies take off to chase wolves, your beard looks perfect. There is nothing worse than a dry, scraggly beard.

Beardilizer is all about building an organic, beautiful world in addition to your beard. All beardos eventually come together; to celebrate their beards and to connect with each other. A giant beardo party if you think about it. After all, just like Las Vegas, whatever goes on in the woods stays in the woods. Even if you’re out with Beardilizer there will always be haters who are trying to find you and steal your glory (or your trophy). Sticking together and celebrating the victories and accomplishments of your fellow beardos can be one of the finest things in all of the land.

Remember, stick together, stay focused and remember that through all things you can achieve greatness with the help of Beardilizer. Your strength comes from within and also in a beautiful bottle. Everything you need to survive is one click away. Making sure that you’re always in stock of your favorite products is easy; Beardilizer has a secure transaction and is Google Trusted Store. Having the best beard in your forest is easy when you’ve got the best products on the market.

Part 2

Part 3