British Beardos Bring It

bbmc2016October is almost over but that doesn’t mean that the month should be ignored in lieu of Movember, one of the greatest months of the year. October marks Halloween, fall, horror movies and the British Beard and Mustache Championship. This exciting event honors the best and the beardiest (natural or not) in the UK. The third annual competition was held in Liverpool, hosted by the local beard club the ‘Liverbeards’. The Liverbeards could not have pulled off the successful event without the support of the British Beard Club and the Handlebar Club. These organizations worked together to have one of the best competitions that we have seen so far this year.

With the event gaining immense popularity with over five thousand likes on social media it was hard for Beardilizer to not buy a plane ticket and head across the pond to check out where the party is at. The British Beard Club has over six thousand likes on social media, boasting some of the best beard porn in the world. All of the folks who made it to this fantastic event had a chance to have their picture taken, their bushy beards showcased and awards to be captured. It was not surprise to the Beardilizer staff that Michael Wallage was easily spotted in the crowd. Looking dapper af, Michael and the rest of the competition showed us Americans that the UK does not fart around when it comes to their facial hair. An American couple showed up wearing delightful attire; a playful but elegant false beard made out of playing cards for the lady and the gentleman sported fluffy yet refined chops and mustache. His attire was that of an old timey baseball player, adding even more bad-assery to the ensemble. The competition was steep with many talented beardos showing up to throw down.

It was no surprise to any seasoned competition goer that Michael Legge, a Beardilizer and crowd favorite, held his title for full beard natural 12 inches another year. Having a beard like his takes time and energy, commitment to excellence, and a lot of beard oil to help avoid fly away hairs that distract from the overall gorgeousness of ones mane. Knowing what products to use before a competition is a huge part of getting ready. If your beard looks like it needs a little love, it is easy enough to help it perk back up with beard oil, a nice cleanse, or even taking a supplement. These products are engineered to help your beard stay strong and game ready.

Staying head of the action at a competition means that you know the players, the guys who win awards and have sponsors. Beardilizer is always looking for new, raw, bearded talent. Every beard is gorgeous and deserves a chance to shine. Using Beardilizer products means that no matter what, your beard is up there with guys like the Michaels. There is a reason that Beardilizer is recognized as a leader in the beard industry; Beardilizer provides nothing but the best, the bushiest, and the beardiest.