Beardo on the street; doudoir in the sheets

newIt’s been a busy year for Beardilizer; there have been so many victories for our team and now the addition of the lushly bearded Joshua Varozza. While all of our girlfriends are running off to have sexy boudoir portraits taken, not many people thought about the guys who wanted to feel themselves. That’s when our guy, Josh stepped up and decided to change the way that people, especially men, view ‘boudoir’ photography. Only the most beautiful of the beautiful beardos can rock something so delightful.

Our homie has some supermodel, sex-bot poses going on in his shoot. There are endless fantastic pictures and his regal mane is on prominent display the whole time. All of the dudes who are part of Team Beardilizer bring something unique to the table, in addition to having fantastic beards. Each member of our team has their own brand – a special sense of humor, a humanitarian heart, the guy who will always make someone laugh and so on.

Having a great beard takes great product and determination. It takes time to grow out a beard that is as long as our guy Josh’s takes years so please don’t get too upset and want to quit. It’s only a matter of time until your beard is just as fantastic as his and ready for your first photoshoot.

The dudeoir shoot that Josh participated in required a few things; lots of beard positivity for one. Josh’s beard is on display in most of his pictures. It’s so easy to look at how bushy it is or how it seems to float effortlessly down to his chest. It’s easy to spot a Beardilizer guy – their beard game is always on point. Having a sense of humor about doing a photoshoot like this makes it all the better. Part of why Josh was chosen for the shoot was that his friend, photographer Tami Bears knew that he was a funny guy and would have a lot of laughs participating in something so out of the ordinary. The viral reaction to Tami and Josh’s shoot shows that everyone saw what his photographer was seeing. It’s important to remember that liking who you are, and liking your beard makes you a strong person. All beards are beautiful; from long, lush whiskers to the 2nd week of scruff in your first baby beard. Just like body positivity, beardo positivity keeps all beardos united.

Growing out a great beard is just part of the overall beardo experience that Beardilizer wants to provide. Beardilizer offers superior products that help you look good and feel great. Having guys like Josh join our team is only one of the small perks about using Beardilizer products. Beardilizer wants all beardos to look their best. Every day is a beard competition – from going to the grocery store to a great first date. Whenever you leave your house you have a chance to look fantastic and to really feel yourself. Dudeoir shoots, just like boudoir shoots, are a great way to feel sexy as hell and celebrate who you are behind closed doors. It’s no secret that if you use Beardilizer’s products that you are always fine as hell.