Oxford Beard Festival


It’s been an incredibly exciting week at Beardilizer HQ. Between seeing our guy, Garey Faulkner, getting stuck in a phone booth with a giant spider named Miley Cyrus stuck on his face and the Oxford Beard Festival it’s hard to say who the biggest winner is. Our team has been kicking so many asses all over the globe but with such modesty. Our team is the best and the fact that we have been crushing the competition, in the most friendly way possible, it’s important to think about what a great week it has been for Beardilizer. Our guys, Andy Teague and Michael Wallage were able to attend and kick all of the ass.

Michael Wallage, one of Team Beardilizer’s most dapper dudes, placed very well. He won for Most Choptastic and that is quite the compliment. Having such refined chops takes a lot of work. Look at Michael’s sensational facial hair and you can tell that this man does not play when he comes to his work. When Team Beardilizer gets together it means that there certainly will be a victory in the immediate future. Michael later said that it was, “Either way a great day and #BeardilizerBeardTeam doing the business again and bringing back the honours.” Great chops means amazing awards.

Having bearded talent like Michael Wallage and Andy Teague in one place means that a great photo-op is going to happen; below you can see two of the best beards in all of the UK hanging out and looking fantastic. Going to beard competitions means that sometimes you can be a little funky… like dressing up as a member of ZZ Top. Andy Teague brought all of the lols with his fantastic attire and his spot on impersonation. While he may not have walked away with any awards it’s still important to go out, support your team and have a lot of fun. ZZ Top means a lot of fun!

All in all, Team Beardilizer had a blast at this sensational festival. Michael Wallage also placed with his outfit due to its beautiful historical accuracy. Honestly, could there be a better thing than beard competitions? No, there is nothing greater than hanging out with beardos (and bearded babes) it’s always a good time. People getting together to celebrate something that they love, in this case – BEARDS, having the most fun is important. Everyone comes out to win but at the end of the day beardos are all about building a community. Supporting each other and having a blast while keeping your whiskers magnificent is part of dat beardo life.

Check out the Oxford Beard Club group on Facebook and then swing over the Beardilizer store to pick out a prize pack for yourself; surely you’re a winner in your own right and deserve nothing but the best beard. After all, you are your own winner.



Michael Wallage.