Weird and Wonderful Beard Facts

beard factsWhat’s more awesome than rocking an enviable beard? Knowing a bunch of badass beard trivia, that’s what. We’ve compiled this list of ten weird, helpful, and just plain interesting beard facts, perfect for turning the conversation to your favorite subject when you’re sitting at the bar.  From the world’s longest beards to the surprising facts about Abe Lincoln’s fashion consultant, there are enough beard facts here to amaze the most knowledgeable beardo!

  1. The world’s longest known beard is stored at the Smithsonian.

Hans Langseth was the grower of this prodigious beard—it stretched over 17 feet in 1927.  Apparently, it was impressive enough for someone to hold onto it for another forty years, because it entered the Smithsonian’s collection in 1967. Rumor has it he was using a prototype of our Beardilizer growth spray. Okay, we’ve only heard that rumor here in our own offices, but still…

  1. You have no idea how much time you’re saving by not shaving…

Men who shave regularly spend an extra 3,000 plus hours in the bathroom wielding the bane of beards everywhere, their razors.

  1. Beards used to be a lot bling-ier.

You’ve seen rappers with grills, but did you know you could gild your beard, too?! Ancient Egyptians were fond of the practice. We personally just prefer sprucing our whiskers up with one of our awesome Beardilizer beard oils.

  1. Styling your beard has always been stylish.

But if you think the lengths that people go to now are impressive, how about this? Ancient Greek men would actually curl their beards with a curling iron!

  1. Money isn’t everything.

98% of the richest men in the world—those featured on the Forbe’s 100 list—don’t sport beards.

  1. Consider sipping with a straw.

Your moustache can trap over a pint of beer in a year. Okay, we’re still not going to drink beer with a straw, but it’s a cool fact to know.

  1. And you thought the CIA was shifty before…

Apparently tired of trying to assassinate him, the CIA hatched a plot to undermine Castro by making his beard fall out.  Check your shoes for thallium salts if you suspect a plot against your manly main.

  1. Your beard takes a break at night, too.

Your beard actually grows more quickly during daylight hours!

  1. Discrimination against beards isn’t new.

Be glad you don’t live in Russia in the 1600s—you could actually end up being taxed on your beard.

  1. One of the most iconic beards in American history was grown at the suggestion of an 11 year old girl.

The late great Abe Lincon’s chin curtain wasn’t suggested to him by his fellow cabin-dwelling Kentuckians. Instead, it was tween Grace Bedel, who felt his face was lacking a certain something. It’s unknown whether she also suggested that he style it with Beardilizer beard wax

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