Growing a Beard the Way Nature Intended (with a Boost)

natural beard growthMen were made to grow beards. But the process is easier for some rather than others. Does that mean that some men just aren’t meant to have glorious man manes?

We say absolutely not. There are a ton of different factors that influence the proud production of your facial follicular output, and we’ve bottled a bunch of ways to optimize them. Bottled, you ask? Yes, indeed. In fact, we’ve got two ways to shift your beard into high gear.

And no, we’re not mad scientists. Our Facial Hair Complex supplement and our Beard Growth Spray work with nature’s beard-loving bushy growth methods, not against them.

Beardilizer Facial Hair Complex

This proprietary blend of botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals is designed to boost your beard in four ways:

  • More Hair!

This, of course, is what you’re after: thicker, more luxurious growth. But that’s only the beginning.

  • Healthier Hair!

Thicker, faster growing facial hair is one thing—but tangled, dry, brittle, breaking beards aren’t what you want, right? No? Then you’re in luck, because our blend doesn’t just kickstart growth, it keeps your hair healthier.

  • Healthier Skin!

Healthy skin and a healthy beard go hand in hand—you might have noticed that those beard hairs grow right out of your skin, after all. Healthy skin means healthy follicles, and healthy follicles mean better beards!

  • Better Looking Hair and Skin!

Our beard vitamins also keep your hair and skin looking their best, with complexion and pigment enhancing ingredients to give your beard the luster it deserves.

Beard Growth Spray

Maybe you’re supplemented-out because of your intense body building regimen, or maybe you want to supplement your supplements with even more beard boosting. Either way, we’ve got the product for you. Our Beard Growth Spray uses many of the same vitamins and ingredients in our supplement, but it’s optimized for topical use, and also improves skin circulation, moisturizes, and protects against damage from the elements. Just a few spritzes a day can bring your beard up to par in no time!