Winter’s Ending! A Beardo’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

spring beard tipsThe days are getting longer, the sun is shining a little brighter, and there’s more slush than snow out there… yep, Spring is on the way! Great beard care changes with the seasons, so what should you know about getting your beard ready for the season of rain showers, budding flowers, and March Madness?

1. Rethink your scent game.

Changes in the season often necessitate a change in scent. Why? Well, did you know that cold weather can make scents more muted, and changes in humidity can make scents travel farther? It’s true. Plus, you might want to switch up your scent just to fit the style of the season. Maybe winter calls for something rich like Joe Roast Coffee, but Citrus Blast really stokes your spring psyche.

Plus, it’s good to change your scent up now and then. When we get too used to a scent, we don’t smell (or enjoy) it as intensely as we did in the beginning. Keep your scent game fresh!

2. Adjust your beard oil use.

Changes in temperature and humidity also affect sweat and sebum production, which means you may need to use a little less beard oil than you were mid-winter.  Your skin type and the climate are going to determine for sure if that’s the case, and how much less, so now is the time to start paying attention to changes in your skin and beard condition to keep your beard in tip top shape.

3. Cleanse and condition more often.

While your beard oil use might be going down for spring, your beard wash and conditioner use might be more frequent. More sebum production also means more cleansing is needed to keep your beard fresh. It’ll also help stave off the warm weather itchiness that so often strikes when the temperature increases.

More beard washing means you’re at risk of stripping away too many natural oils, but that’s why Beardilizer beard cream and conditioner exists!  Transitioning from using so much oil to fight dry winter weather to so much less in the spring can also leave your beard feeling a little rough, even if you really did need to reduce your oil use, and conditioning more often alleviates that.

So, as Spring springs warmer temps and different weather on you, we’ll be here to make sure your beard is fully prepared for it! Keep those beards looking good all year long, beardos!