Top Tips for Impeccable Masculine Style

stylish beardoDepending upon the type of man you are, fashion might not be at the top of your list of interests, but that’s even more reason to read this article. These ten tips are designed to make being a fashionable man as effortless and painless as possible. With just a few tiny efforts, you will reap big rewards when it comes to standing out stylishly.

  1. If you haven’t worn it in a year, donate it or ditch it.

Seriously, if it hasn’t seen daylight in over a year, you probably don’t need it—and it’s taking up room for stuff you might actually want (or just getting in the way of finding the stuff you DO wear).  Of course, there can be a few exceptions—beloved old concert tees for example.

  1. Always have an extra top layer.

Unless it’s too hot outside to breathe, you should have an extra layer on top you can strip off. One, it looks more put together, but more importantly, when it’s chilly, you’ll be able to offer it to a shivering lady. It’s a great icebreaker. (And on that note, wear clothes that are clean and fresh smelling!)

  1. Don’t live in sneakers.

Some men’s fashion experts will say never wear sneakers unless you’re at the gym or playing sports, but we won’t go that far.  What we can say is that you shouldn’t just live in gym shoes.  Casual leather shoes are a thing, and they almost always look better for non-sporty occasions than a pair of basketball shoes.

  1. Keep your beard groomed.

You knew we’d touch on this one! Not having to shave is certainly freeing, but you’re not free from the responsibility of having a well-groomed, clean face—not if you want to look good.  Our Noble Beard Gift Set has everything you need (aside from a razor or scissors for trimming!) to keep your beard looking stylish.

  1. Have a variety of belts (and buckles).

Men don’t need to accessorize much, thankfully. That means just a single accessory here or there makes a big difference. We’re partial to belt buckles, ourselves, not just because a great belt buckle looks good, but because they’re convenient. Get a black belt and a brown one made for snap in belt buckles. Then, buy a buckle that appeals to you now and then. Before you know it, you’ll have a belt buckle for every occasion (and they can probably all fit in a single shoebox).

  1. Dial down two tones.

Speaking of belts and shoes—and this goes for jewelry and metals, too—keep it to one tone.  Not all of your brown leather accessories need to be the same shade, but don’t throw on a black belt with brown shoes. Ditto for metal stuff. If you’re wearing a silver chain, don’t wear a gold belt buckle. (Wedding rings are exempt from this rule, however.)

  1. Smell good.

And we don’t mean like one of those smog-producing body sprays made for adolescents.  We mean that you should be freshly showered and wearing a quality cologne. And for the bearded amongst us, a fashionably scented beard oil, too.  One final note on beard scent—a clean beard is a fresh smelling beard. There’s no excuse for giving the bearded a bad name when it comes to BO! Beard cleansing wipes fit easily in a back pocket or in your briefcase.