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GrayHair180 for Men and Women 60 capsules


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Developed in France, this product is a 100% natural supplement that provides a complete nutritional formula that helps with a process know as “canities”.

GrayHair180 works on three levels:

• As we grow older, our bodies produce less Catalase, an enzyme that inhibites hydrogen peroxide production.
• Additionally, Lack essential nutrients like Vitamin A, the B vitamins, and minerals such as iron, zinc and especially copper. GrayHair180 refuels our body with these nutrients. You really can’t have healthy hair without them. We’ve ensured that each dose is very precisely measured to contain necessary nutrients for proper metabolism while protecting cells against oxidative stress.
• Lastly, the ingredients synergistically work to accelerate the growth of new hair.

Please keep in mind that GrayHair180 does work with new hair growth that you will see the effect, as the process is activated during the growth cycle.

GrayHair180 is a continuous treatment: Better results come with longer usage!

• A Professionally Formulated Multivitamin Hair Formula for Men and Women – 100% Drug-Free Dietary Supplement
• Nourishes Hair Follicle from the inside – Harnesses a distinct mixture of of performance ingredients and botanical extracts synergistically working to achieve Maximum Results
• Effective with all Body Hair
• Non-GMO – Gluten Free – Proudly made in the USA

Fo-ti root (from 12:1 concentrate) (Polygonum multiforum), Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), Catalase, Inositol, Silica (from horsetail extract 100mg and silicon dioxide, L-Tyrosine, L-Arginine (base), Omega-3 complex (from fish oil) (standardized to 8% EPA and 5.5% DHA), Coenzyme Q10, Blackstrap molasses powder, Barley grass powder, Wheat grass powder, Bentonite powder, Ashwagandha (root) extract (standardized to 8% with anolides), Maca (root) extract (standardized to 0.6% macamides), Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) (providing 25mg sulfur), Vitamin A (as vitamin A acetate), Vitamin C (as amla fruit extract), Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol), Vitamin E (as di-alpha tocopheryl acetate), Thiamine (Vitamin B1 as thiamine mononitrate), Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Niacin (vitamin B3), Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride), Folate (as folic acid), Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin), Biotin, Pantothenic acid (as d-calcium pantothenate), Iron (as ferrous fumarate), Magnesium (as magnesium oxide), Zinc (as cupric oxide), Selenium (as selenium amino acid chelate), Copper (as cupric oxide), Manganese (as manganese carbonate), Gelatin, Vegetable magnesium Stearate, FD&C Blue #1, Titanium Dioxide
As a Dietary Supplement adults take two capsules per day, ideally in the morning, with a large glass of water.

125 reviews for GrayHair180 for Men and Women 60 capsules

  1. Mike H. (verified owner)

    i had a goatee and can grow a beard pretty quick. Stopped all shaving and new beard has so far been gray. This is almost three weeks. Possibly change in eyebrows but didn't take photos pre and post as was concerned with beard mostly. Have ten days left on the original 30, so far no change in new beard growth color

  2. Mac (verified owner)

    As per the instructions, it may take up to 12 weeks. I am one bottle in so far, and think I am noticing a difference in my goatee. My plan is to go for the full 12 weeks before pulling the supplement from my daily regimine.

  3. David P. (verified owner)

    I'm only on 2 weeks so I cant tell if product is working. But in like ingredients on the label. I will give it time. The delivery part is great, but I never get a call back if I have questions about the product.

  4. Louis I. (verified owner)


  5. Nikita K. (verified owner)


  6. steve w. (verified owner)

    So far l love this product im starting to see amazing results

  7. Andrew C. (verified owner)

    My gray hair is disappearing and this is after just one bottle. It's truly amazing.

  8. charan a. (verified owner)

    no results yet

  9. Alex P. (verified owner)

    So far I seen hair grow where I normally don't however it's a slow and stay process. However I'm still satisfied

  10. Sergio E. (verified owner)

    i just finished my second bottle and i can tell my hair color is darker..i still have white hair but im here for the long run im gonna keep using it and hopefully with the two bottles i ordered i would get good results

  11. MICHAEL P. (verified owner)

    To early to tell but so far so good. Will buy more.

  12. Katarzyna M. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great product. Really amazing !

  13. Jared S. (verified owner)

    Still testing out my first bottle, however I'm am starting to notice a difference.

  14. Joe F. (verified owner)

    Awesome products!

  15. Shaquille B. (verified owner)

    It actually works, just takes a whil. Have to have patience

  16. Patrick W. (verified owner)

    Top notch

  17. J. K. (verified owner)

    Just being using 1 month & seeing a little difference, giving it a little more time

  18. Amna A. (verified owner)

    I noticed some gray hair during my pregnancy. A friend of mine recommended to take these vitamins. I waited till after having the baby to use this just to be on the safe side. Since using them i see that the gray hairs are growing black from the roots. Im still on my white bottle. Do need to eat 3 bottles for a major change.

  19. Samira H. (verified owner)

    So far it has been working well, can wait to order my next one.

  20. Carlos G. (verified owner)

    This the first one I bought, so far I noticed a little difference wich it's good. Am going to keep trying it to see what happens.

  21. Richard G. (verified owner)

    Thus far I haven’t seen much change, but that’s actually a good thing. My beard was graying at a rapid pace, thus far, the pills have STOPPED the graying in its tracks. For that, I give it 4-stars. Will update in about 6-months of use and truly gauge the results! Thanks.

  22. Justin H. (verified owner)

    Like almost every gray hair reversal pill on the market no one has seemed to review these for more than a few months, I will keep using but I don't understand why any of these companies haven't done a double blind study for a year or two on fully gray patients.

  23. Belle K. (verified owner)

    I didnt taje it long enough to have tye results yet but it seems like i havent gotten more.

  24. David P. (verified owner)

    Hi Beardlizer has great service and ships quickly. They have well intentioned product but not sure how well it works for anti graying of the beard even after taking a while.

  25. Oleksii (verified owner)

    35 years old. Two months of use. Of the minuses – gray hair became even more than at the start.
    Of the benefits – beard began to grow faster and become thicker.
    I take two pills a day, I drink a lot of water. The second bottle ends. Will buy the third one – if there is no effect I will stop

  26. Gsxr 1000 (verified owner)

    Been on it just 2 weeks and starting to see my white growing black from the root! Love it

  27. Gsxr 1000 (verified owner)

    Just 2 weeks into it and already see my white hair growing black from the root

  28. Oleksii (verified owner)

    My feedback was not bad. It only showed that at the moment these vitamins did not work. I just ordered four more jars and noticed that my feedback is not there anymore. Now I'm sorry that I've made another order

  29. Niamat S. (verified owner)

    I have never come across such a true statement. Whatever is written on the bottle is totally correct. I m personally witness to it. My new growing hairs are totally black. I m proud of my choice.

  30. Jason B. (verified owner)

    Works somewhat noticing certain hairs changing in color/pigment,over all a fairly good product!

  31. Thea D. (verified owner)

    Have seen some suttle changes but its still early in the process have been advised that it could take up to 90 days

  32. Almuatasim A. (verified owner)

    I'm about to finish my first bottle I don't see any results yet…and about to buy another bottle if it works further down the road I’ll update my review. .looking to see any results….

  33. Mansa-Musa M. (verified owner)

    I just started using it I think one of my Grey's turned back but still too early for me to see. I think this product can work.

  34. Carlos C. (verified owner)

    First bottle so we will see

  35. Kevin L. (verified owner)

    Still early but appears to be working

  36. Eric O. (verified owner)

    Good product

  37. steve w. (verified owner)

    Starting to see results after the first month of use

  38. Javier G. (verified owner)


  39. Victor M. (verified owner)

    I can see a very good change to my hair colour, its becoming black on only 2 weeks of taking this drug.

  40. Aravind P. (verified owner)

    so far going good

  41. RASE G. (verified owner)

    En 1 mois, on commence déjà à voir une différence , je vais encore continuer car il faut aussi attendre que les cheveux blancs tombent pour qu’ils repoussent colorés.

  42. Sai v. (verified owner)

    It is working as described

  43. ELVIS B. (verified owner)

    I have bought two bottles and I'm on my second one, Haven't seen any results of black hair on my scalp. I don't know how long it would take but I hoping for the best.

  44. Rod I. (verified owner)

    Been using Beardilizer Hair 180 Gray Hair Complex and Beardilizer Facial Hair Complex for about 8 months working great!
    Very happy. Thanks

  45. brandon l. (verified owner)

    I saw results within 2 weeks of using this product it definitely works

  46. Adrian C. (verified owner)

    It‘s too early for results. I keep going.

  47. Ayoub M. (verified owner)

    Hello, this is Ayoub Musa. I ordered gray hair from beardilizer store but I didn't receive yet and i call several time nobody manswer me until now

  48. Robert B. (verified owner)

    I haven’t been taking the product to long, but I do think it is making a
    Difference already.

  49. MARQUIS I. (verified owner)

    I haven't noticed much change but plan to give it another month.

  50. William R. (verified owner)

    I just started taking this. I have high hopes it will work.

  51. Dean B. (verified owner)

    I've been using this product for 2 +1/2 months and I'm going to give it at least a nother month to see if I can get better results.

  52. Timothy M. (verified owner)

    Been taking for two weeks now hair is noticeably darker. I’m ordering another bottle. Let’s keep it going

  53. Manjinder S. (verified owner)

    I didn't see any changes yet

  54. mark o. (verified owner)

    This is my second month of using this product and so far I am very pleased with this product. I have already noticed some changes to my grey facial hair turning back to part blonde and brown

  55. Ankith A. (verified owner)

    No results seen yet. Its been 20 days

  56. Dale M. (verified owner)

    I’ve only been taking this for about 1 month and haven’t seen anything different. I know it takes several months and I have patience.

  57. Eric B. (verified owner)

    Dont have enough time with the product to give a good review at the moment

  58. Kenneth B. (verified owner)

    On my second bottle, little or no results. Will order 2 more bottles and see what happens.

  59. Anthony C. (verified owner)

    Have been using this for about 2 weeks and it’s a little too early to tell if it’s working. Will post another review in a couple of weeks.

  60. SATYAJIT P. (verified owner)

    But will continue to use the product and update for results

  61. Jimmie S. (verified owner)

    I'm still hoping to see some changes its been a few days.

  62. George P. (verified owner)

    I haven’t finished my first bottle yet but I’m committed. I’m just not ready for my beard to be grey. All other products I’ve used have been excellent and I’m sure this won’t be any different.

  63. rob b. (verified owner)

    Nice so far

  64. Telma W. (verified owner)

    Nice product but, it is to soon to tell the difference! I will continue buying this product to see if after a few month would make a difference! Nice combination of vitamins with the catalase enzyme as well :grinning:

  65. Kyle R. (verified owner)

    Really works! After my first bottle i could see the roots of my beard turn black on the gray hairs.

  66. Randall Y. (verified owner)

    Originally purchased for my beard, but works great on my hair. Did take a couple of bottles to see results though. Be patient.

  67. Manny G. (verified owner)

    It’s a slow process but I notice a change!

  68. Brendan C. (verified owner)

    I’m on second bottle hoping to see results

  69. Alexander R. (verified owner)

    Working progress

  70. Andrew Z. (verified owner)

    not sure if its working or not, will continue to use

  71. Jose g. (verified owner)

    It’s a great product but i ordered a second bottle and did not receive it..

  72. Sayed S. (verified owner)

    This is a great product

  73. Kevin G. (verified owner)

    I have been taking GrayHair180 for a little over two months and I haven't seen much of a difference yet. I plan on trying it for 6-8 months and hopefully I will get some great results.

  74. Silvia A. (verified owner)

    Wow I am very happy with the outcome less than a month and my hair is looking back to my younger self, I started having white hair at 23 and now 33, glad I found this product!

  75. Bernardo E. (verified owner)

    I am in my mid 30s, make and overall healthy. I started getting white hair in a couple years ago. I starter to dye my hair to hide it and now it’s gotten to the point where I cannot hide it from my facial hair. I ordered my first bottle feeling skeptical but now im on my second, and I kid you not, i started to see a lot of my facial and chest hair slowly changing back to its natural color. The process I know will take some time, but it’s def working.

  76. REGINALD W. (verified owner)

    I am still trying this product. So far so good, I will keep you posted as I go, i am still in the beginning stages

  77. Vince M. (verified owner)

    The hair on the top of my head is getting darker.

  78. Sowrabh M. (verified owner)

    Yet to complete 1st bottle, will surely update comments when i see the difference in my grey hair

  79. Bradford H. (verified owner)

    Haven't really seen results yet. Still giving it a try. If none soon, will discontinue use.

  80. Miriam B. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this product & will order again. 🙂

  81. Mike R. (verified owner)

    Still waiting on results …

  82. Shawn S. (verified owner)

    I feel like this is a great product and that's why I'm trying it but it's results are something that will take time so I can't give it a 5-star now and wouldn't give it a one star because it again takes time.

  83. John S. (verified owner)

    I have been taking my product for 2 weeks now. I am not noticing a change in color just yet but the amount of grey hair I have, it may take a moment to really start noticing. I will say though, odering was seamless and the product came quickly. I am very impress with how efficient you guys are at Beardilizer. Also, I receive a little gift of beard gel which was very generous. I like it! Thank you! I will keep you posted as I continue to take the product.


  84. Tony I. (verified owner)

    I've been using this product from a different company, with mediocre results, using your product in addition, seems to be giving results beyond I had achieved prior. I guess even one hair going back to original color is a miracle all in its own, just wish some of em weren't so stubborn.

  85. Zaddique A. (verified owner)

    Its just my first bottle so no results yet but going to get another one

  86. Kyle P. (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  87. Rodrick L. (verified owner)

    Been taking for a couple weeks hoping to see results but excited about the product..

  88. Dwayne J. (verified owner)

    Just started, plan on going a full 6 months but am optimistic that I will get the results im looking for. More to come!!

  89. George P. (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first. After a couple of months I’ve noticed a significant difference. Bottom line… it works!

  90. Md K. (verified owner)

    Just I start to take the medicine..hopefully it’s will be very good for my hair

  91. Jose G. (verified owner)

    So far I have taken 1 bottle Going to purchase another bottle

  92. Franklin W. (verified owner)

    This stuff really works. Got tired of dying my beard every three to four weeks. Since I’ve been using 180, I have stopped dying my beard.

  93. John M. (verified owner)

    So far so good , probably need more time with product , the shipping was good got it quick , just waiting to see if hair changes color so the results are still pending , so before and after is not finished

  94. Kristy G. (verified owner)


  95. Ricky M. (verified owner)

    So far the pills are easy to swallow, I have only been taking them for a couple weeks I figure I will see some change after the 1st bottle, As of now no complaints with the product, so in a month or so I will come back and do another review and see how it worked for my beard and side burns

  96. Kalyan K. (verified owner)

    I purchased this product two weeks back …lets see because results can't be quick for hair follicles and service is good.

  97. Christopher H. (verified owner)

    I've been using it for almost a month now and my gray hairs are still there. I guess I'll just keep at it until they hopefully change back to normal. Fyi, I ordered six bottles of this stuff. Maybe this'll work once all the bottles are used up?

  98. Patras Y. (verified owner)

    I started this product two months ago and at the end of second bottle, It does not show the result yet but I am hopeful that It will be useful or I will loss my money.

  99. Ron O. (verified owner)

    Recently purchased. I've been using for about 2 & a half weeks. Haven't noticed any results yet, but will definitely order another bottle. I understand natural treatment like this can take some time.

  100. Curtis (verified owner)

    I’m an African American male. And this product works for me. I used 3 bottles and 4 hairs turned back to black. It takes time. The nutrients are in micrograms so your body restores them to their regular levels. I just bought 3 more bottles and I’m expecting atleast 5 more hairs to be gone by November 2020. Also if you are eating bad food it will not work you have to eat very clean and no sugar or processed foods. And that’s with any supplements you take. I will update you all in 3 more months.

  101. Kawaljot S. (verified owner)

    I order one bottle and finished it I will order another one to see if there continues to get results so far I have seen some change

  102. ronak p. (verified owner)

    Starting to see results after the first bottle!

  103. Garcia A. (verified owner)

    To early to tell but I am taking them. I know it's great product. Thank you guys.

  104. Brandon G. (verified owner)

    I have been taking it for less than 30 days and already seeing less grays so I would say that is a win.

  105. Derek M. (verified owner)

    Tried 2 bottles now. Seems to reduce gray slightly. Going to try one more before judging.

  106. Kevin H. (verified owner)

    Have not noticed results just yet
    Will keep it up for another month. Hair is a little darker

  107. Raymond G. (verified owner)

    The product arrived quicker than expected even in these trying times for deliverers. Ive only been using for about 2 weeks now an will update u all after Im done w 1st bottle.

  108. Brandon L. (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for two months. I honestly do not have many gray hair, but have been using this as a preventive measure. Subsequently, it is hard for me to judge its effectiveness regarding gray hair, but it has helped with my mental clarity as it has several supplements that positively effect brain functionality.

  109. Ismelda A. (verified owner)

    I just started my first bottle but I do see a tiny difference in my hair and it’s a positive difference sooooo…. I’ll be keeping you up to date in another 3/4 months ? Wish me luck:pray::skin-tone-3:

  110. Syed R. (verified owner)

    4+ bottles

  111. Nicholas J. (verified owner)

    Haven’t noticed any difference yet , still on 1st bottle .

  112. Dennis L. (verified owner)

    Very good product it really works

  113. margo B. (verified owner)

    I’ve received it for close to two weeks and I’ve not noticed any physical changes with my gray hair, but my hair growth has been spectacular. I’m now patient for the same results to take place with my gray hair.

  114. Juan F. (verified owner)

    Im still not even half way on my first bottle I ordered 2 bottles. So I will come back in 2 months and give an update.

  115. Cody B. (verified owner)

    Seeing small results after two weeks

  116. Jose G. (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking it for only 2 weeks so I think is too early to say that it works

  117. Nicholas T. (verified owner)

    Took two bottles so far and not sure about results on the gray hair. Still waiting. Shipping was good.

  118. Volkan S. (verified owner)

    This is my third week and I started to see some positive results. I will update the results after the second bottle.

  119. Amish D. (verified owner)

    Only used product for 3 weeks and it’s too early to review. Company should incentivize a review 3-6 months out instead of 2 weeks after purchase. No negative effects though

  120. Evgeniy (verified owner)

    4 weeks have passed, the result is visible – the roots of the hair are darker than they were, the white hair has turned gray, I am waiting to continue – 1 bottle is used, bought 2 more

  121. Evgeniy (verified owner)

    First results after applying the first bottle are visible, I will continue to write after 2 bottles.

  122. Patras Y. (verified owner)

    I am using this product for my hair, people around me say I have reverse but I still don't believe. But result are there.

  123. Christopher H. (verified owner)

    Been taking it for about three years and so far it hasn't eliminated the issue entirely but I'm starting to notice a difference finally when it comes to the health at the roots

  124. Justin H. (verified owner)

    After 3 bottles – most def noticed an overall darkening of my beard!

  125. sajid (verified owner)

    are these reviews real

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