Beardilizer ValuePack Spray + Tonifying Gel


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Two topical beard-bloomers in a single, convenient value pack! Our Tonifying Gel supports your skin’s blood circulation, inspiring your beard producing follicles to outdo themselves, while our Beard Growth Solution spray is an uber-convenient answer to nourishing your skin and beard for maximum growth!

Beardilizer Beard Spray is the perfect solution for those who want to skip supplement pills or just want to give their beard an additional boost. This topical spray helps to stimulate facial hair growth naturally.  The proprietary blend of nutrients is designed to grant you the thickest, healthiest mane a man could imagine.

On top of its growth benefits, this spray also imbues your beard with our fresh, appealing natural sandalwood fragrance, and moisturizes to prevent dry skin, irritation, and itchiness. It just doesn’t get better than this!

Beardilizer Tonifying Gel is an invigorating topical treatment that stimulates the circulation at the surface of your facial skin. Why? Because for maximum beard, your follicles need maximum stimulation! By boosting your micro-circulation and dilating the capillaries just beneath the surface of the skin, this incredible product gets your follicles to work harder for you.

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