Beardilizer Classic Logo Embroidered Cap – Black


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Hey, check yourself out in the mirror.   You would look awesome in a snug, black baseball cap, especially if it carried a great logo like ours.    Baseball caps are back in style in a big way.   And as for taking off your cap when you go inside, that’s really passé my friend.   Let all your buds and family know who helped you grow that distinguished beard you’re sportin’.    This trim black baseball cap is made of lightweight, breathable polyester, and comes with a six-panel construction for easy expansion and contraction to conform to all head sizes and shapes.    It’s great for hiding serious bedhead as well as blocking harsh sun rays.   Available in black, with the logo:  Beardilizer Stronger Fuller Beard.

  • Embroidered logo baseball cap
  • Made of lightweight polyester
  • 6 panel construction
  • One size fits all; conforms to all head sizes
  • Available in black