One Minute to a Better Beard

beard combYou don’t always have a ton of time to spare on styling your beard. But that doesn’t mean you have to let your man mane make you look unkempt. Here’s a quick guide to a better beard in under a minute.

  1. Wash

We’re not even really counting this in the minute (though even with a good wash, you’ll come out under sixty seconds) because you’d (hopefully!) wash your face regardless.  Still, add a couple of seconds to your shampooing schedule to wash and rinse that beard in the shower.  Keep your beard clean and fresh with a wash engineered specifically for a great bearding, like our Beardilizer Beard Wash. Not only does our beard wash cleanse your beard and moisturize your skin and facial hair, it’ll also upgrade the aroma of your beard with our collection of great scents.

  1. Comb

Towel dry (pat/squeeze, don’t scrub it dry!), and while your beard is damp, comb it into submission. Combing your beard helps train it, so that your hair grows in the direction you want. A few seconds of this on the daily will save you a LOT of time trying to tame an unruly beard in the future.  Comb from the outside toward the center of your chin, and then straight down from your lower lip to keep those flyaways under control.

  1. Condition

Once your beard is detangled, it’s time to smooth on a great conditioning cream.  This will soften your beard and reinforce the comb training you’re already doing. It’ll also keep your beard from being unruly day to day. You don’t have to worry too much about working it in because the next step will take care of that.

  1. Brush

You’re almost ready to walk out the door. Just run a natural boar’s bristle beard brush through your beard a few times to spread natural oils and conditioner through your beard. That’s it! You’ve spent a few seconds and upped your beard game several levels. Who said having a beard isn’t professional? This is some professional level personal maintenance.

Having a great beard doesn’t have to mean being obsessive in front of the mirror every day. After all, the most important part of having a great beard is just letting it grow! Keeping it looking good doesn’t require much… why would it? It’s the manliest of accessories, after all.