Late Night with Garey Faulkner


Friday night television has never been better as of this past Friday. Team Beardilizer’s beautiful Garey Faulker was able to make a fantastic appearance on the hilarious Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. It’s important to point out that Fallon did not try to pet his breath-taking beard; the dude knows better than to try to make with an uninvited stroke of a strangers beard. Garey, looking sensational as always, making a national TV appearance blew away the crowd. Everyone at the Beardilizer office knows that Garey is a great guy but now the entire country knows it! Garey wasn’t even upstaged by the show-boaty Miley Cyrus, too.

Garey went on the show looking absolutely amazing. His beard was in extraordinary form, curled up like a resplendent octopus. At Garey’s Facebook page,

My Bearded Life, Garey came out to hang out with Jimmy wearing his Beardilizer shirt and looking fresh to death. Miley and Garey got to hang out a little bit and then Garey went full ham. It’s not like a dude at Beardilizer to just go on TV Garey had to go and be a total badass.

Garey ended up with a tarantula on his face. Okay. Poor, poor Garey. After the beautiful Miley Cyrus ended up not knowing what the largest muscle in the body is (hint – it’s not SKIN!) poor Garey ended up joining Miley in a telephone booth. Despite Miley saying that she was a vegan and a lover of all animals, Miley did NOT try to encourage the bearded animal Garey to climb on her. Alas. Garey, being a manly man, wore his new friend with pride.

If you’ve met a fierce competitor you know that they do not mess around when it comes to their art. Half of being a competition beardo is knowing how to psych out your opponent. Garey went above and beyond the call of duty while he was getting some national television airtime. One of the most frightening creatures, to some, in the entire world came out to share the stage with Garey; a tarantula. Most people would have gone screaming in the other direction but not our boy Garey. He instead let the beast CRAWL ON HIS FACE. Garey, dude, you are a badass.

The next time that we saw Garey, the bug was off of his face but his beard looked AMAZING. The Fallon show did make sure to tell the audience that Garey was a competition beard winner and that his beard was freeform. Hop over to the Beardilizer store and check out what products are there to make your beard hold that wonderful shape, just like Garey’s. In order for his competition to get to THAT level he needed the best product that is out there and the best team. Garey is a proud member of Team Beardilizer and also Team Terrifying Spider on my Face. Not a bad situation to be in after a victory like the one that he had last week.