michael legge halloweenHalloween is Beardilizer’s favorite holiday – it involves candy, costumes, and ladies in sexy clothing. Having your beard game on lock during this Hallow of Eves means that you can walk about town with your beard fluffed to high heaven and nobody can say a word. Finding a costume that compliments your beard is easy when you think about just how many bad-asses have beards or just how versatile your beard can be with some easy tips from the pros at Team Beardilizer.

Every year more and more costumes come out that let you just be you; this year we have a thousand and one clean shaven Jokers but there are bearded villains everywhere. If you have a great moustache and chops then you can throw on some dark circles under your eyes and go as the Comedian from The Walkman. If you have bushy chops, stiff denim, and a clean white under shirt think about going as the great Marvel hero Wolverine. It’s a change from the bad guy outfit but still easy if you’re ready to go out on the town with those fantastic competition ready chops.

If you’re working around a lush, long beard, think about what you can do with it. Do you want to have your beard be the costume? Think about dressing up as one of your Beardilizer icons. If that is too easy then there are other great beardy ways for you to express yourself this holiday.

If you’re handing out candy to the neighborhood kids, stick some fake blood in your beard (after you put in some beard oil, of course). It’s easy enough to make a beautiful beard extra creepy for the holiday. Throw some cobwebs in there and make the kids think that you’ve risen from the grave or at least a really creepy closet. If you want to put some make up on think about the classic Captain Spalding, born from the imagination of Rob Zombie. Throw on some clown makeup, fuzz out your beard and just laugh all night long. It’s easy enough to have a ton of fun when you’re bearded up and ready to go.

No matter what your plans for Halloween this year remember to take time to enjoy all the amazing candy, the scantily clad women and how much fun it can be to dress up. Even if you’re getting into the spirit of the day, think about the costume planning that goes into many of the outfits that the amazing guys at beard competitions wear. Putting on a costume helps preserve a sense of yourself or so sayeth the late, great Martha Graham. Pretending to be someone else, even if just on Halloween helps your beard live freely. Taking on a character gives you and your beard the confidence to shine from the inside out. When you take care of your beard, giving it what it needs, then you get to look absolutely stunning. Remember, when you’re out and about talking to your favorite Sexy Hillary Clinton this Halloween, Beardilizer has your back.