Four Bad Bearding Habits You Need to Break

bad beard habitsEven if you’ve grown a mane of magnificent proportions, you could still be making some rookie bearding mistakes.  Heck, we even find ourselves making them now and then. If you want to have a vibrant beard, you have to remain vigilant—here are four common mistakes you should look out for.

1. “I don’t need beard products anymore.”

We’ve found that the newest beard bros are usually the most enthusiastic about using their beard products religiously. But there are plenty of guys with beautiful beards who’ve decided they don’t need beard oil, beard wax, or beard conditioner anymore… or didn’t think they needed in the first place.

To these men, we say: “Pshaw!”

Perhaps you have grown an impressive forest of facial follicles without the benefits of beard oil, or you feel that now that your legendary chin adornment has reached its peak, you no longer need to bother. But if that’s how you think, consider this: No matter how great your beard is, beard products make it better. Beardilizer Beard Oil isn’t just great for getting a struggling beard over the hurdles to greatness. It’s also just good for your beard, period.

2. Overusing beard products.

On the flip side of the coin, you can also get a little heavy handed with even the best beard products. Beard oil shouldn’t make your beard feel oily. You don’t want to be leaving grease spots on your girlfriend’s pillow case, right? Of course not! That’s not good beard etiquette, and it’s not good for your beard, either. Over application of oil can lead to clogged pores and unhappy follicles, which in turn can lead to a patchy, unhealthy beard.  Use a good beard conditioner or beard oil as directed—more isn’t necessarily better!

3. Touching, combing, or brushing your beard too much.

We know that giving the beard a stroke while deep in thought is helpful, but don’t overdo it! Likewise, don’t get too comb-happy.  Obviously, you want to use your Beardilizer Beard Comb to keep tangles at bay, but you don’t want to comb so much that you’re loosening otherwise healthy hairs or causing split ends. Three to four times a day should be about max—if you can go tangle free with just a morning and evening comb through, even better!

4. Put down the shampoo!

No matter what sort of fancy salon shampoo your gal keeps in her shower, resist the temptation. Beard hair is not like the hair on your head, which means all of that fancy-schmancy stuff in her Herbal Essences isn’t going to do your beard any favors. Hit us up for some tried-and-true Beardilizer Beard Wash instead!