Famous Beardo Spotted in the Wild: Norbert Tarayre

norbert tarayreIf you’re an Amerian, you might not recognize the name, but if you’re French you almost certainly do.  Norbert Tarayre was discovered on the French/Belgian television show “Top Chef,” where his impressive cooking skills stole the show, landing him in third place in Season 3. But it’s not his knife skills that drew our attention…

It’s his favorite hat.  

Yep, that’s one of our snazzy, official Beardilizer hats, available in a few other styles as well.  Looks like this beardo might find a stylish beard-celebrating hat a little more stylish in the kitchen than a hair net!

Tarayre keeps a busy schedule. In addition to television appearances, he also does stage shows and writes culinary columns, and all of that is in addition to being a chef at two restaurants, Saperlipopette and Macaille.

Our beardless buddies might wonder how one deals with beard upkeep while juggling so much.

The answer?


Beards On the Go

For one thing, shaving takes time—a lot of it. On average, men spend sixty hours a year shaving, and many must spend much more because of the speed at which their facial hair grows.

Plus, a beard helps to protect your skin from the environment. Steam, smoke, pollution, and allergens have to overcome your face’s first line of natural defense.  In a hot kitchen, a beard is probably an advantage!

To keep your beard clean while it protects your face, we offer beard cleansing wipes. Slip a couple packs in your apron product, and any chef is good to go. If a wipe isn’t enough for your glorious mane or the environmental onslaught, we also have convenient no-rinse gel for on-the-go cleansing.

These are also great for travel… for example, if you decide to visit Suresnes and have a nice French meal cooked by Norbert himself at Macaille!

At the end of the day, jump in the shower (which you’d want to do anyway after a day in the kitchen), and rinse your beard with clean water, adding an awesomely scented beard wash as needed.

You can even pick up all three—wipes, gel, and wash—in a convenient value pack on our site.

Having a beard and being busy needn’t be mutually exclusive things, as this up and coming star can testify.  And, as his hat shows, Beardilizer products can make it even easier! So whether you’re a top chef, a construction worker, or a paper pusher, your beard won’t hold you back!