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  • beardo holiday gifts Your Manly Man’s Guide to Holiday Gift Giving

    The holidays are right around the corner, and that means it’s time to finish up (or if you’re like us, get started on…) your gift lists.  Here’s a quick and dirty guide for the best gifts for all the guys on your list. You might just like these ideas so much you put them in […]

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  • i can grow a beard Top Five Tips for Budding Beard Bros

    Whether it’s a no-shave-seasonal challenge that’s inspired you, or you’re simply ready to rev up your masculinity, growing a beard for the first time is exciting… and it can also be exasperating if you’re not prepared.  These five simple tips for becoming bearded will ease you through the transition.

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  • charitable beardos Beards Benefiting Those in Need

    With great beard comes great responsibility! It’s not just about taking care of your sweet mane with beard creams and beard cleansing wipes. Nay, sharing one’s bountiful beard has also been used as a way to benefit many different causes for those in need! Which makes perfect sense: Beards are a glorious expression of natural masculinity, […]

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  • michael legge halloween Hallo-Beard

    Halloween is Beardilizer’s favorite holiday – it involves candy, costumes, and ladies in sexy clothing. Having your beard game on lock during this Hallow of Eves means that you can walk about town with your beard fluffed to high heaven and nobody can say a word. Finding a costume that compliments your beard is easy […]

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  • peak beard The Myth, The Reality, and the Perks of ‘Peak Beard’

    Beard bros know that the beard, as a trend comes and goes—and in recent years it’s made one heck of a comeback. But since its resurgence, there have been continual murmurings of something the so-called experts call “peak beard,” along with threatening pronouncements that it’s been “reached,” and even surpassed. “Peak beard,” you say to […]

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  • bbmc2016 British Beardos Bring It

    October is almost over but that doesn’t mean that the month should be ignored in lieu of Movember, one of the greatest months of the year. October marks Halloween, fall, horror movies and the British Beard and Mustache Championship. This exciting event honors the best and the beardiest (natural or not) in the UK. The […]

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  • The Epic Bearded Odyssey

    Beardilizer is so stoked to announce our most recent collaboration. Over the past few weeks we have been working with a bearded young collective of artists to put together an amazing web series that focuses on something that is Beardilizer specific. What is more rugged and masculine that a beardo spending time in the woods, [...] Continue Reading
  • Beardo on the street; doudoir in the sheets

    It’s been a busy year for Beardilizer; there have been so many victories for our team and now the addition of the lushly bearded Joshua Varozza. While all of our girlfriends are running off to have sexy boudoir portraits taken, not many people thought about the guys who wanted to feel themselves. That’s when our […]

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  • Oxford Beard Festival

    It’s been an incredibly exciting week at Beardilizer HQ. Between seeing our guy, Garey Faulkner, getting stuck in a phone booth with a giant spider named Miley Cyrus stuck on his face and the Oxford Beard Festival it’s hard to say who the biggest winner is. Our team has been kicking so many asses all […]

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  • Late Night with Garey Faulkner

      Friday night television has never been better as of this past Friday. Team Beardilizer’s beautiful Garey Faulker was able to make a fantastic appearance on the hilarious Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. It’s important to point out that Fallon did not try to pet his breath-taking beard; the dude knows better than to try […]

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