Your Best Beach Beard: Before and After Tips

beardo and the beachSome fair weather beardos might shave their manes when summer rolls around, but plenty of us are year round beard believers. But it’s well known that sunshine and salt water (or chlorine, if you’re hitting the pool) aren’t the best for your hair… So how do you protect your beard and keep it looking beach ready even if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors? Here are a few quick tips.

  1. Keep your beard well conditioned to start with.

A beard that’s already dry and damaged to start with isn’t going to fare well in less than ideal conditions. Make sure you’re keeping your beard healthy on the daily with Beardilizer beard oil.

  1. Soak your beard in fresh water before hitting the pool (or the ocean).

Not all of the damage to your beard comes from just being exposed to chlorinated water or the ocean. Hair, including your beard, absorbs water. That’s why it takes so long to dry. While your beard is saturated with harsh water, it’s being damaged, even if you’re already out of the pool or sea. Since you can’t exactly wear a swimming cap over your beard, you’re out of luck, right?

Wrong! You can offset this damage by soaking your beard in fresh water before you go in. Hit up a nearby bathroom, water fountain, or shower and soak your beard. If it’s saturated in fresh water, less of the harsher stuff will have a chance to mangle your magnificent beard.

  1. Give your beard at least a quick rinse ASAP once you’re out of the surf.

Of course, some of the damage occurs due to chemical and salt exposure on the outside of your beard as well… so make sure you rinse it out thoroughly as soon as you’re out of the pool for the day. (It’s not a bad idea to rinse it every couple of hours, if you’re spending all day out.)

  1. Thoroughly wash your beard when you get home.

Once you’re back to your beardo lair, shower off and give that beard a good, thorough cleansing with some Beardilizer beard wash to get rid of any damaging residue.

  1. Do a little heavy duty conditioning after your beard bath.

Finally, see step one. A well conditioned beard is a healthy beard that’s ready for whatever summer adventures you have planned. Since your beard has been exposed to several different things that can dry it out, condition it with our Beardilizer beard cream and conditioner to keep it in tip top shape for your next sand and sun excursion.