Beaches, Beards, Brews, and Benefits: Beardilizer Goes to Mister Whisker!

dornellas and reagan

What could be better than the crystal clear water around Peanut Island, bronzing your beard on the beach, snorkeling, and body surfing? Taking a beardo vacation to Orlando, Florida for a good cause! That’s what Beardlizer beardos Joe Reagan and John Dornellas did.

The Orlando Facial Hair Club presented “Mister Whisker 2017,” a facial hair competition for Mister and Sister Whiskers alike… with proceeds going to benefit One Heart for Women and Children. One Heart for Women and Children is an Orlando-based charity that supplies families in transition with basic necessities and services, both locally and to disadvantaged families in Haiti, Costa Rica, and Africa.

The Mister Whisker competition featured five categories, with a competitor’s entry fee of $20:

  • • Full Beard Natural over 6 inches.
  • • Full Beard Natural under 6 inches
  • • Partial Beard
  • • Best Mustache
  • • Whiskerina (ladies only, artificial beards, the sky’s the limit!)

Observers were able to enter for free, but donations were more than welcome, and many people were happy to give for

such a good cause. dornellas beard compA Mister Whisker and Sister Whisker were also crowned at the event, which took place at Orlando Brewing. Orlando Brewing is is almost as well known for its ale and stout selection as Beardilizer is for our line of awesome beard oils. Although it’s hardly a competition… because a beer loving beardo needs both!

But it wasn’t all work and no play for Beardilizer’s away team. They visited Cocoa Beach, where the guys body surfed (with varying success) before the competition, bonding as only true beardos can. They also visited a West Palm Beach marina after the competition, as well as Peanut Island. On Peanut Island, John was occupied with a film shoot, while Joe and his wife enjoyed snorkeling in the crystalline water off the island’s shore.

Sounds pretty much like paradise, huh?  Spring is here and summer is close behind, which means more of you might be trading in some vacation time for a body surfing weekend, too. In our next blog, we’ll give you a run down of how to keep a beach-ready beard (and a beard that survives a trip to the beach!). And if you get a chance, choose a beach vacation near a beard comp benefit. If you do, don’t forget to write into us about it!